1706 at Elevators Yard


Setting up for an Exhibition
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These pictures show us getting the exhibition layout ready for a show. If everything goes to plan it takes about 45 minutes to put everything together from the time we unload the trailer to having two or three trains running. You'll find details on how it's put together in the Exhibtion Layout page.

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Loading a Carrier
Loading a Carrier Module
Loading on to Trailer
Loading a Carrier Module
Loading on to Trailer
Loading a Carrier Module on to the trailer
It Fits
It fits!
Starting Set-up
Positioining the Carrier Modules
Setting up
Starting to set it up
Connecting the Modules
Conecting the modules

Legs Going On
The legs are being installed
More Legs
More legs
Still More Legs
Still more legs
Dowels being installed
Clamp Together
Clamping the modules together

If the modules are not in line with one another there will be humps and valleys in the track where they join. To ensure alignment we stretch string along the length of the layout, over two pieces of wood at each end. Both pieces are the same height. A third, identical piece of wood is then placed under the string close to each module joint. If there is a space between the wood and string then the module needs to be raised. If the wood pushed the string up then the module needs to be lowered. When the third piece of wood doesn't push the string up or there is no gap then the modules are properly aligned.

Levelling Detail
Levelling where the modules join

The track is cut short 3" from the end of each module, leaving a 6"' gap. We fill this with 6" track 'fillers' that have 16ga wire soldered on to the end. When these lengths of track are snapped into place, they povide continuity for the track as well as electrical continuity. The 16ga wire on the ends can be bent to ensure the filler track is snug to the fixed track.

Track Connector
'Filler' track connector
Track Connector
Line up the track connector...
Track Connector
...and snap it in place

Final Touches
Bill Jnr. and Greg ready the throttles
Ready to go
And we're ready to go.