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Our Clubhouse
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The first set of photographs, taken in September 2014, are exterior and interior shots before we started repairs and rennovations.

Bygone Station Exterior
South Elevation
Bygone Station Exterior
East Elevation
Bygone Station Exterior
West Elevation
Bygone Station 2
Bygone Station 3
Bygone Station 4
Unfortunatley we couldn't keep the ATV
What Insulation?
Not much insulation!

The following pictures were taken in September 2015 and show the all-but-finished result of our labours. The front door in the east wall was replaced and an emergency exit cut into the west wall. The repaired south wall has new windows. We replaced the old 6"x 6" wooden columns with steel pipe and leveled what was a 1-1/2" sag in the centre beam.

Bill Payne picked up the track lighting that was being discarded by a large store as well as a good number of extra fixtures. Being environmentaly conscious, all bulbs are LED.

A new steel roof was installed in April 2017.

Bygone Station 12
Looking west
Bygone Station 13
Looking west
Bygone Station 15
Looking east
New Front Door
East Elevation and new door
New Back Door
West Elevation and new door