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Clubhouse Layout

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Brad Lebeck was given the task of producing the basic design for the new permanent layout. The area available was delineated by the need for an emergency egress from the clubhouse, five posts that support the roof and its heavy snow load and additional space for us to work on at least two Exhibition Layout modules. Brad polled the members for what they'd like to see in the new layout, and he's done a super job incorporating these 'asks' into the design.

With these parameters in mind, Brad developed this plan, which was unanimously accepted by the members.

Proposed Clubhouse Layout

For clarity, the main line is shown more heavily shaded. Trains start in Allandale, a suburb of Barrie, and run out of sight behind the low-relief scenery in Collingwood to emerge just before Stayner (bottom-left corner). From Stayner they progress to Collingwood. In Collingwood cars can be sent to the grain silos on the edge of Collingwood harbour or to the shipyards and associated industries on the other side of town. Because of design and space restrictions, Brad was forced to place the grain silo tracks facing the wrong way - in reality, trains coming from Stayner could steam straight in and trains from Thornbury had to back in.

About halfway between Collingwood and Thornbury is Craigleith, where the original station still stands. You can be sure the lilac bushes by the station will be in full bloom 24/365. The remains of probably our most famous shipwreck, cetainly the most visted by divers, is the "Mary Ward", which will be visible through the clear waters of Nottawasaga Bay.

Next stop is the town of Thornbury, where trains cross the Beaver River on a trestle bridge and again pass out of sight behind the low-relief buildings of Collingwood. But this time they're headed toward the helix, which has four loops and raises the track 16". When exiting the helix, trains travel in full view along the upper level of the layout to Meaford, which is situated above Allandale, and is the end of our our point-to-point operation.

Meaford Track Plan
Upper Level Plan at Meaford

The main line run, Allandale to Meaford, is about 310' long, or five scale miles, so a non-stop freight running at 40mph will take about seven-and-a-half minutes to get from one end of the track to the other.

If we want to run a continuous loop, such as when we have a number of visitors and can't watch our trains 100% of the time, we'll simply keep them on the lower level and run them from Stayner, through Collingwood, Craigleith and Thornbury then behind Collingwood and back to Stayner.

June 2020 ‐ All of the track is installed except for the turntable in Collingwood and its approach. These pictures show the grain elevator tracks, with the 730 foot 'Black Bay' laker unloading. Bill Hanke has chased the 'Black Bay' into the harbour. The 'water' is clear latex caulking, artfully sculpted by Barry Jack to emulate waves and whitecaps.

We decided to eliminate the turntable at Meaford because a) we have a wye, that can turn a complete train, not just the locomotive, and b) we needed the space for an additional spur to accomodate any cars that were delivering or picking up goods at the Freight House.

Black Bay
The 'Black Bay'
Black Bay
The 'Black Bay'
Elevator Tracks
Elevator Sorting Tracks - 2017