Locomotive 8400


Clubhouse Layout
Updated December 2017
Elevator Tracks May 2016 Black Bay 1 Black Bay 2

Bill Snr. built the model of the Thornbury trestle and the Beaver River as well as the dry creek trestle.

Thornbury Trestle 1 Thornbury Trestle 2 Thornbury Trestle_3 Dry Creek Trestle

Brad's helix, from workshop to finished product. Bill Hanke installed the masonite finish, which will be covered with a backscene.

Helix in the Workshop 1 Installed Helix Base Finished Helix Finished Helix

Our 'Arborists' have been busy making the trees for Blue Mountain, mostly 'bottle-brush' type to represent evergreens.
It doesn't look like it but there are about 350 trees on the mountain. And there are a lot more to go on the rest of the layout!

Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Blue Mountain

Barry Ruse, who does wonderful scenery, has worked his magic on the Thornbury area.

Thornbury Thornbury Thornbury Thornbury 409 at Thornbury 409 at Thornbury 2

Likewise Jay, who has built the Fall scenery just east of Meaford. The two trestles on our layout are replicas of those that carried the tracks over two small creeks. The route, and trestles,are now part of a bicycle/walking path that runs for 34km (21 miles) between Collingwood and Meaford. Martin made the model of Craigleith Station with Barry Ruse's lilac bushes starting to both show and grow up.

1706 Westbound 1706 En-Route 1706 at Trestle Apple Pickers 409 W/B at Craigleith 409 at Shed 1706 W/B at Craigleith