Locomotive 8005


Exhibition Layout
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Here are some photographs taken of various scenes on our exhibition layout. Many people ask what the rock wall is made of. It's ceiling tile, scored about 2" from the edge then broken off. Glue all the pieces together and, if necessary, roughen face with a steel brush. Add bushes and grass to taste.

The signal gantry is a working model made by John Houghton. There are some fancy electronics and Arduino circuits controlling the lights and if an engineer does fail to heed them he/she will, without a doubt, have some sort of accident, either a derailment or a head-on collision, a.k.a. a 'cornfield meet'.

Alco 630M
Alco 630M #2001
Keep the campfire burning
Baldwin 0-6-0
Baldwin 0-6-0
Morning Commute
Morning Commuter
Centrepoint Freight
Centerpoint Freight House
CN 7008
EMD GP-9 CN #7008
Stool Bus
The Stool Bus
CN 3000
CN heavy hauler - GE44AC
Rock Climbers
The rock climbers
Fire Fighters
The local wood mill
Wasaga Oil Transfer
Westville oil transfer facility
Road Repair
They've been repairing this road for years
Smarts Freight Yard
Smart's freight yard
Easton Signal Gantry
Obey the signals or risk a 'Cornfield Meet'
Westville Signal Gantry
Double Green on both tracks
In the Cutting
In the rock cutting
Easton Mine
The mine produces 24 hours a day