Nottawasaga Model Railway

Collingwood, Ontario


Last Updated 12 June 2017

The Nottawasaga Model Railway now holds two auctions a year. Until 2017 we only ran one, always on on the first Saturday in May, but in 2016 the Boomers held their last auction and disbanded their club. The Boomers asked us if we'd like to take over their auction, held on the last Saturday in October, but our feeling was that to take over the name but without the history and prestige that went with it would be a little bit fraudulent because we are NOT the Boomers and would prefer to run any event under our own name, whether it was perceived as being good or not.

There no longer being a Fall auction in Central Ontario we decided to hold one on the same day the Boomers would have held theirs, 28th October 2017, and we are delighted to say that it was well attended and we received nothing but positive and encouraging commments, and all buyers and sellers were happy. As a result we will make the Fall auction an annual event, and, like the Boomers, always on the last Saturday in October. Details can be found on both our Annual Auction and Events pages.

The photographs below are of Bailey Park and the Easton Mine, both on our exhibition layout, and are excellent examples of the modelers skill, in these cases, Paul Bailey and Brad LeBeck. The old 4-4-0 steam locomotive is a static display in the park and it sits on our DCC programming track.

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Bailey Park Bailey Park Bailey Park Bailey Park Easton Mine